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"Anything, anywhere, anytime..."
Direct way to the logistics

About us

Direct way to the logistics

Our company was established in 2009, its main profile is the forwarding and transportation, we transport not only to western European countries, but to the regions in Eastern Europe.

80% of our orders is handled with the "Just in time" forwarding system with the help of this our colleges can perform their work in a higher quality appropriately to the task, taking the customer's needs into consideration.

The fluent operation of our quality management system is based on the adequate guidance of our employees dedicated towards high standards.  It is guaranteed by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation system used by the Boti-Team Kft. (tanúsítvány)

Our company solely owns EUR6 rated transportation vehicles, which are younger than 3 years.

Constantly we control the technical condition of our vehicles.

99% customer satisfaction by the "Just in time" orders, since 2015!

Financial increase

  • Large scale of customer satisfaction;
  • Dedicated employees and subcontractors;
  • Competency and experience;
  • Maximal exactitude;

= progressive financial growth!

International forwarding

"Anything, anywhere, anytime..."

  • We've got expansive experiences in several countries of the EU, also continuously keep the options open towards the increasing eastern fields as well.

35 pieces of transportation vehicles

  • Using mostly our 24 tons tent trucks, and involving highly ranked subcontractor circles we warrant the continous demands of the field.

  • We circumstantially plan all of the deliveries, routes.

  • Every week, 170-200 FTL and 40-50 LTL arrives to the requested destinations.

  • Our vehicles equipped with GPS satellite fleet track system.

  • We constantly inform our partners about the status of the cargo.

  • All our transportation vehicles are absolutely up-to-date towards the increasing service expectations and tasks.

  • We secure all the substance of vehicles with insurance, CMR - margin warrant insurance: 100.000 EUR maximum verge, but we provide unique insurance for individual freights.


Storage logistics

  • Storage activity at our own site on Mezőlak by route 83, Hungary.

  • Daily allowance, pallet based system, for the directly controlled storage expenses.

  • Array housing, without deck level.

  • Using FI-FO principles, and supply verification on a regular basis as well.

High ranked services:
  • packaging;
  • palletising;
  • commissioning;
  • labeling.